QT – Psalm 44

Vs. 26, “Rise up and help us; redeem us because of your unfailing love.” It was a time of national distress and though the psalmist was able to remember God’s deeds in the past…they prayed for a new deliverance for the future. The psalmist knew that it was God’s hand that brought victory in the past…and it could only be God’s hand in the future. But what do you do when it seems God has forsaken you? Pray and trust! Think of Job’s trials and remember that God will bring justice in His timing. Are you faithful only when it seems God is faithful? That is not faith. Faith is believing even when it seems God is not there. There is biblical precedent that God does indeed test our faith at times (I Peter 1:6-9). Are you ready?

Regarding application…God Never Sleeps.  Vs. 23, “Awake, O Lord! Why do you sleep? Rouse yourself! Do not reject us forever.”  David asks that God would wake up! But God does not sleep…God does not turn a deaf ear and blind eye to his Children. There will yet be a time when the world will think God is asleep. It will be the time of the Biblical “Tribulation” There will be all sorts of trials and the world will endure hardship and the coming of the Anti-Christ. Yet, God is patiently waiting for His will to unfold. I remember when I was a little boy and sometimes I would have a scary dream. I would go downstairs to my mom’s room and hope that she was awake so I could sleep next to her and feel safe. Just as our parents comfort us in our childhood….so will God this world of trials. He is never asleep. He is always there and ready to hear our petitions and requests as we trust in Him!