QT – Psalm 38

Vs. 4, “My guilt has overwhelmed me like a burden too heavy to bear.” David wrote this psalm not only when he was sick, but when he was also sick with guilt. Although David felt unworthy, he was able to still come to God. The suffering David endured here this time was a result of sin…remember not all suffering is a result of sin, but this this it was. David might have agreed with a saying of today, “When it rains…it pours!” Though his sin was upon him, he did not blame God…rather he confessed his sin.

Regarding application…God’s Response to Sin.  Question: What does God do when we sin? He will convict you with the Holy Spirit, He may rebuke you through Christian brothers or sisters in Christ…but he will never forsake you.  It is because of the blood of Christ that we can stand unblemished before the Lord God.  There are times when we fail Him and feel unworthy to be His son or daughter, but don’t forget the Prodigal Son!  Sin comes our way disguising itself as a friend, only to find out it seeks to enslave us.  King David put Bathsheba before God and look what happened to him! Ask yourself if there is any hidden sins in your life…and then confess your inquities to Him for God is our Great Physician.  He healed David and he will heal you!