QT – Psalm 35

Vs. 1, “Contend, O LORD , with those who contend with me; fight against those who fight against me.” David leaves no doubt that his enemies were definitely taking a toll on him. But rather than worrying or growing to the point of despair…David pours out his heart to the Lord! He would ask that God would protect him against such foes. His understanding of God displays how much he believed that God is far bigger than any enemy.

Regarding application…God Fights For Us!  In light of July 4th…We are reminded we live in a country where freedom of religion exists and very little presecution transpires!  We don’t always realize the extent of the enemies of Christians elsewhere in the world. The threat both physically and spiritually against Christians exists today. If it were satan’s choice, he would have all Christians perish from this earth. But the Lord is on our side…He fights for us! There will always be enemies of the cross, and we must do our best to pray that we would represent our Lord! For when the enemy attacks us, they also attempt to attack the Lord. Yet, we never have to fear the enemy. But let us not underestimate them either. Always turn to the Lord and find your peace in Christ, even as we live in a world of sin.