QT – Psalm 26

Vs. 1, “Vindicate me, O LORD, for I have led a blameless life; I have trusted in the LORD without wavering.”  David is probably responding to those who are slandering his name.  Though David had a big sin in the past, he did not continue to live in sin.  David’s delight in the Lord is so evident and he chose to allow God to guide him. Our faith in God will lead us to live a pure life. David exhorts us to examine our lives, to focus on the Lord & keep serving Him…no matter what. There is a quote that someone once said, “Look at others and be distressed; look at self and be depressed; look at Jesus and you will be blessed.”

Regarding application…Where Are You Standing?  Vs. 12, “My feet stand on level ground…”  As we journey in this life, we traverse through many different surfaces.  Some are rocky, some are steep, some are soft, some are hard, etc…  But we must stand on the solid rock of Jesus when it’s all said and done.  One of my coworkers brought her daughter in for our work meeting.  She was so cute!  One of the things you always notice about children is that they will stand next to their parent.  But as life continues, we get more independent and it’s no longer cool to stand near Mom or Dad.  But that’s exactly the picture that David is painting for us today.  Where are you standing?