QT – Psalm 21

Vs. 13, “Be exalted, O LORD , in your strength; we will sing and praise your might.” The previous psalm was a song for victory before the battle…this psalm is a song for rejoicing the victory after battle. As we read, we see a person who does not glory in his own ability, but rather gives credit where credit is due. Yet, there is a feeling of a victory to come…this psalm is also Messianic (about Jesus) and points to the King who will have the final victory! The victory is not just with David, but rather it is a victory for all and is shared with all through the writing & playing of this psalm.

Regarding application…Giving God the Credit.  I find that requesting things of God is not the hard part of prayer. But the right response when God does answer prayer is lacking in many of our lives. God not only answers the prayers we request, but also answers prayers we don’t even know he answered for us. Yet, too often we forget to praise God when he does give us so much. I am reminded of the passage in the Gospels where Jesus healed the ten lepers. Yet only one came back to thank Jesus for healing them. That’s a 10% return. And you know what? I would guess that’s a pretty acurate percentage of people who rightfully praise God when he answers prayers today. Dearest brothers & sisters in Christ, Let us be people who Praise God and give credit for the many blessings He constantly pours out to us!