QT – Psalm 18

Vs. 1, “I love you, O LORD , my strength.” This passage parallels II Sam. 22. David sang this song upon deliverance from Saul & his enemies and establishing him to be king. There were some definite difficult times in David’s life till this point. This psalm looks back at God’s faithfulness to his life. No matter how hard it was, David was also able to look at God’s righteousness during the storms of his life. It really is awesome to see such an appropriate response to the Lord!

Regarding application…Responding to God.  David was able to sing such a song because he knew such an awesome God. His knowledge of God shines through by his exaltation. How do you respond to God? In my short experience…I find that worship can sometimes become a routine in the church. Whether it is because we know the songs so well, or we just become a little too used to our enviornment…I think we don’t always realize what we are doing. Our response to God in good times & bad times should look like David! I believe there are far too many Christians with a lackluster response to God. Let us not be people who are ignorant of God…but let us be people filled with the knowledge of Him and can’t help but respond with all our hearts, soul, mind & strength!