QT – Psalm 17

Vs. 8, “Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.” There were times where David suffered for his sins, but here David is confident that his present circumstances are not because of sin. This is a lament/prayer psalm and David in a way is protesting his innocence (vs.1). David knew God could see, He knew God could hear, He knew God’s hand could protect, and He knew God was real! Only God could deliver David from the hands of his enemies. David looked forward in being able to see God (vs. 15). As Christians, that will be glorious moment when we see Jesus face to face!

Regarding application…God See’s Us.  I want to comment on vs. 8 (mentioned from above). What is the apple of the eye? It is the pupil, symbolizing sight. David asked that God’s eye would be upon him. It is just another illustration of how much God cares for his creation! All you have to do is watch a mother cradle her first child and see the joy and love in her eye as she looks upon her firstborn. The expression “apple of my eye” is still used today. We are the apple of God’s eye!!! What a wonderful thought in knowing that God never takes his attention away from us. No matter what obstacles or stresses come our way!