QT – Psalm 14

Vs. 2, “The LORD looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.” David contrasts the foolish and the righteous.  If this sounds familiar…Paul wrote something similar to this passage in Romans 3:10-12. The word “fool” from vs. 1, is not someone who is dumb….rather a person who lacks moral knowledge. There have been many geniouses who were fools. In our pursuit of knowledge, unfortunately many leave God out of the picture. 

Regarding application…The Pursuit of Knowledge.  We should genuinely ask ourselves which group do we fall under? Whether you realize this or not…all of your life up to this point as been for the pursuit of knowledge. Yet…especially as you go off to college you will literally pay thousands of dollars for the knowledge of man. Yet man’s knowledge is foolishness to God! In fact you can have all the biblical knowledge and still be a fool! However, I emphasize this soley because many of you do study dilegently enough to get pretty good grades. Why? For your parent’s approval, for your own esteem, for fear of what the school system can do to you if you don’t study? Yet, how dilegent are we in giving time to God that He would be honored with? It’s not about how many chapters we read or how long we pray….those do tie in, but rather making your whole life honoring to God!