QT – Psalm 10

Vs. 1, “Why, O LORD , do you stand far off? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?” Sound familiar? David is asking the same questions that Job asked God…and that human-kind have asked every generation since. It is questions like these that put our faith into action. Trusting God in times of joy is easy…it’s times like what David is mentioning that are most difficult. Yet, as we read of the different characteristics of the enemy of God…ask yourself this. Do you see yourself in David’s description? The wicked are prideful, self-reliant, hurtful to others, curses, loves money…. This is why Jesus needed to come…because we all have been these things and more. But David was changing for he was a man of God and we are new creations too!

Regarding application…Dealing With Tough Questions.  There are some tough questions that we have to face in this life we live.  But the church must face these types of apologetical (defense of Christianity)!  While there are answers for many, we are not always going to have a sufficient answer for non-believers or even believers. Yet, we see that even though men of faith like David or Job had similar questions like we do…sometimes it just came down to Faith! Though the answer doesn’t always suffice for most…we don’t have the answers for a reason. Not because some great scholars or biblical minds are keeping it from us…it’s simply because God doesn’t always reveal to us everything we want. God gives us what we need in the time that is right. No matter what…let us always remember that God hears our questions and our cries and answers them according to His will! AMEN?