QT – Psalm 6

Vs. 4, “Turn, O LORD , and deliver me; save me because of your unfailing love.” As David wrote this psalm, he came out of a time in his life when he was experiencing pain & sickness (not to mention his enemies who wanted him to die). Yet in this deep discouragment, David’s faith did not waver. Scholars have labled Psalm 6 as a penitential psalm, with penance = having a deep sorrow for sin. David cried out for mercy for his body was weak & perhaps he thought it was due to some sinful things in his life. Yet, David did not harbor ill will towards God, but rather praised him all the more.

Regarding application…God’s Mercy.  Vs. 2, “Be merciful to me, LORD, for I am faint; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are in agony.”  Question: What is mercy? Mercy means that God does not give us what we deserve. To make that a little clearer…Grace means that God gives us what we do not deserve. Truly, truly…God is a God of unfailing love! I remember growing up playing the game “Mercy”…it is when you interlock hands with someone and then try to bend back their fingers until they cry out “Mercy!” Now that I think about it…it’s a pretty crazy game, but as an illustration…it is like our hands are connected to God and when the pain of life grows too weary…we cry out “Mercy!” Though we might have had an older sibling who would not listen to our cry and kept bending our fingers backwards….God hears our cry! Notice how towards the end of this chapter, David’s mood begins to change! Through the mysterious ways of prayer, David is confidently able to claim that God has heard his cry for “Mercy” My point: Prayer changes things!…..Prayer changes things!