QT – Psalm 5

Vs. 7, “But I, by your great mercy, will come into your house; in reverence will I bow down toward your holy temple.” This is what is called a Lament Psalm. Lament means to grieve. We are not sure of the time period in which David wrote this Psalm, but it could have been the time Saul was trying to kill David. David addresses our God and King and rightfully gives God is due credit. Notice how David rises in the morning to lay his requests & praises before the Lord! Everyday would turn to God and pray. What a heart David had…no wonder God called David “a man after God’s own heart!”

Regarding application…Giving Reverence.  Look back up at Vs. 7…Reverence = profound respect shown. We often speak of our loving & forgiving God and we are reminded that Jesus called us friends. Yet in the midst of this new generation of Christians who are drawing near to God through more experiencing ways…perhaps one of the most important factors of God has slowly left the church. Reverence. In my opininon…reverence shouldn’t be something that needs to be taught. God has instilled in us a knowledge of Him! As his creation…the moment we begin thinking to highly of ourselves is perhaps the moment that reverence for God begins to weaken. It isn’t a coicidence that Jesus washed his disciples feet at the last supper. Jesus came to humble himself before God & others. Now we need to humble ourselves FIRST to God and second to others. That needs to manifest itself in all that we do…When we are @ church, when we are praising, when we are listening to God’s Word, when we are @ school, when we are @ home. Reverence for God will change the way we respond in all areas of our lives! Let’s bow down before our Holy God!