QT – Psalm 4

Vs. 1, “Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God.  Give me relief from my distress.”  We must credit David for not forsaking his prayers to the Lord.  Though David did not have much control around him, he knew he could do something!  He turned to God and trusted in the Light…though it was dark. Remember that these were written for the expressed purpose to praise & worship God and edify others. Basically, David was literraly writing a song of his situations and relfections to God! The truths & applications in each Psalm are so deep that a QT email just isn’t long enough to address all the topics that are brought up.

Regarding application…Trusting in God.  Vs. 1, “Offer right sacrifices and trust in the LORD!” Though David was enduring much, it is such an encouragement to see a person in distress not blame God! In fact, David does the opposite and extols & trusts in the Lord! It’s easy to praise God when things are going well, but it’s another story when we find ourselves in the desert of life. David calls God “righteous”…Do we call God “righteous” when we find ourselves in despair? Our relationship with God will dictate our response in trials. That is why we see David with such faith! David was able to find that peace to sleep because he was in a right relationship with God. As you sleep this evening, turn to him in prayer and let the peace of Christ fill you!