QT – Psalm 2

Vs. 1, “Why do the nations conspire and the peoples plot in vain?” The authorship of this Psalm is believed to be King David (Acts 4:24-26). Interestingly enough this psalm has a very messianic feel to it. Because it points to the true Messiah who was to come in Jesus! And of course, we are reminded that our true King rules today at the throne of God! “Why do the nations rage?” Even today, nations rage against Israel as we speak. And if you were wondering what Zion means…Zion refers to the city of Jerusalem. Fortunately, we know the rebellion of men is futile next to the power of the true King!

Regarding application…Safety With Jesus.  Vs. 12b, “…Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”  This Psalm has a Messianic reference (Pointing to Jesus).  The enemy rebelled and tried to bring Jesus in rebellion against God.  Remember when Jesus was in the desert place being tempted by Satan…do you remember what Satan offered him? All the nations of the world. Jesus could have inherited the nations either way, but he did not desire to step out of the will of God.  God protected His Son and in the desert places and He also protects us!  I find myself worrying about the future…how will I pay for two mortgages, how will I ever get to Seminary…but then I must remind myself that there is safety in Him.  There is safety in His church, there is safetly in numbers!  Let us continue to find refuge and also encourage each other never give up on where God is leading us!