QT – Job 37

Vs. 14, “Listen to this, Job; stop and consider God’s wonders.” Elihu takes the time to expound upon the greatness of God. God shows this by the nature around what we experience. Some scholars believe that an actual storm was approaching while Elihu was speaking which then prompted him to use such analogies. But, Elihu was right that we must come before God and realize how mighty He is! But, though Elihu thought he had the answers to God…we must remember that God doesn’t intend for us to know everything. Though God will soon answer Job, perhaps Job’s challenge/petetion to God was not in complete Godly fear. When we encounter God’s majesty…may we always revere him with Godly fear!

Regarding application…Wondrous God.  Have you ever had the chance to consider God’s wonders? Think about it…People who have experienced natural disasters…earthquake, tornado’s, snowstorms, etc, we begin to just glimpse God’s awesome power in nature. But God’s power is so much more than that! Sometimes we begin to think we can grasp God or compare Him to something we understand….but nothing compares to God! All we can do as his creation is consider God and know by faith that He is in control. Job wasn’t so sure about that…and there are times we are not going to be so sure either. But God will soon answer Job…and God answers us through his Living Word!