QT – Job 35

Vs. 16, “So Job opens his mouth with empty talk; without knowledge he multiplies words.” Elihu goes on to speak of the Greatness of God. Though Job was somewhat prideful and Elihu attacked him for that…let’s remember that Job was important to God. In fact he was so important that God & satan would talk about him. Elihu also argues that God is not affected whether we sin or whether we are righteous…for God is greater than all of that. While it is true that God is Great, we can either grieve or bring joy to God by our actions. Though we are nothing compared to God, we still were created by a loving Father who desires his creation to be reconciled to Him.

Regarding application…Greatness of God.  Because God is so great, we can sometimes begin to think if we are really that important to God. Some people are raised in negative environments or maybe you tend to be a negative person. But don’t forget that the greatness of God should never make you feel like your nothing. Yes, God does judge and give us consequences for our sins…but God is great in his Mercy, Grace & Love! In fact, we are so important that he sacrficed his own Son for us. When your feeling down or depressed and feeling confused about life….remember that God Greatness gives us the ability to turn to God. For if God was not great, perhaps he wouldn’t have the ability to forgive or allow us to come to him.  That reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. Remember when they all get to Emerald City and they can’t wait to see the Great Oz! In fact, when they approach his kingly throne…He even refers to himself as Great! But in this illustration…his greatness kept them from really having what they sought from him (in the first encounter). But God is not like the Great Oz. When we approach His throne…God doesn’t have to have a big show of his greatness and because of how Great he is…we can approach the throne of Grace with confidence! That reminds me of the praise song lyrics…”God is Great and his Grace fills the earth, fills the Heavens!”