QT – Job 33

Vs. 1, “But now, Job, listen to my words; pay attention to everything I say.” Elihu approaches Job with a different strategy than the other three. Rather than accuse Job of sin, Elihu brings some new ideas on why we suffer. Elihu proposes in vs. 19-22 that sometimes suffering comes simply to warn us and turn us back to God. Kind of like God’s way to get our attention. Elihu wrongfully accuses Job for claiming to be without sin vs.9, but that was Zophars words about Job. Though Job consistently defended his integrity, he never claimed he was without sin. But Elihu does confront Job about the fact that Job was wrongfully accusing God that He was unjust and treating Job like an enemy.

Regarding application…Source of Suffering.  While suffering does come from God at times, it is a mistake to say all suffering comes from God. Because we ourselves cause much suffering that God never intended we have. Joy riding around town and speeding too fast may cause an accident that results in many who suffer. Not taking care of the body like smoking and drinking can cause numerous physical sufferings in the future. While there may be temporary pleasure in sin…realize that sin causes suffering. If we turn from God…there is a price to pay one way or another. Besides for Job, suffering was actually a tool that God used to build up Job even more. This reminds me of Paul’s thorn in his side and though it might have brought him down, Paul used it as a means to stay humble! Before we decide that we want to be bitter or upset in our present circumstances, let’s take a hard look inside and make sure that we are not the cause of our own suffering.