QT – Job 31

Vs. 35, “Oh, that I had someone to hear me! I sign now my defense-let the Almighty answer me; let my accuser put his indictment in writing.” This chapter records Job’s final defense. Job laid it all before God and his hope was that somehow God would hear his cry & rescue him. Job was prepared to give an accounting of his actions. Even today many of the temptations that Job listed are temptations that can bring even a Godly person into sin. Lust, deceit, adultery, behaivor towards employees, behaivor towards his neighbors (others), worship of God and not wealth…these are all things Job was accused for, but wanted to show that it wasn’t any of these things that brought him his current sufferings. Job’s friends were sure that God would condemn him. Job was sure that God would vindicate him. What will God do? The answer may suprise you as we read on!

Regarding application…God is Watching Us.  Vs. 4, “Does he not see my ways and count my every step?”  Job knew that God watched him…do you know that God watches you too!? Though we know it, isn’t it easy to forget that God is always there? From a human vantage point, its quite an impressive defense Job puts up. I wonder how many Godly men & women would be able to defend themselves with a life of such integrity? This chapter really challenges us as Christians to take inventory of our spiritual life. Do you have eyes that wander lustfully? Or feet that move deceitfully? Has lust been fulfilled in your sins? Have you treated others as God wants them treated? Have you coveted the rich or been proud of what you possess? How do you respond to the suffering of others or the needs of a stranger? The analogy of Horizontally looking at the world vs. veritically looking to God couldn’t be more applicable in today’s passage. As we live our lives, may we do our best to live a life of integrity. Job’s perspective will change and our perspective must change too. Job had yet to know the Mediator who was to come…but we have Jesus who mediates for us to the Father!