QT – Job 29

Vs. 5, “When the Almighty was still with me and my children were around me.” We are back in the book of Job!  As you may recall…it’s been awhile…Job & his friends had gone back and forth three times, and now Job takes the time to sum up his defense. Job is remembering the blessings of the past…remember in chapter 3, Job opened up his defense with a wish that he had never been born. Our memories can come back to haunt us or encourage us.  In this example, Job was using it as a form of defense but also remember that God indeed was with him in the past.

Regarding application…Looking Ahead.  Vs. 4, “Oh, for the days when I was in my prime, when God’s intimate friendship blessed my house.” If we focus on our past and not look to the present we may not be prepared for the future. While it is only natural for us to remember all the good times of the past (especially when things are not going well in the present)…this will not change the current situation in our life. We can daydream all we want, but we must remember to look to our present and future situations. Though many of you are young, be careful and remember that the best is not from the past, but always lies in the future. Ultimately our best times will be in Heaven, but until then….though we may suffer like Job….let us not focus on our past successes, but look to overcome future obstacles in this long and windy road upward! Keep your eyes always focused on Jesus! While the best is yet to come…don’t be suprised that your toughest trials may also be yet to come.