QT – John 1

The overriding theme of John’s Gospel is this: Jesus is the Son of God! Throughout, we see John showing us the different signs to prove Jesus’ ministry and claims. While the first three Gospels deal a bit more in the events of Jesus’ life…John focuses more on the spiritual meanings of these particular events. John is known for recording the seven “I AM’s” of Christ. John also deals with the conflict of faith vs. unbelief…throughout we will observe many who refuse the truth, but also some who accept it with faith.

Vs. 1, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Ahhh…a great beginning that mirrors the Genesis beginning of creation. Everything that exists today is because of God’s Word. The Bible is the written Word of God and Christ is the living incarnate Word of God. When God created light unto the world, we are reminded that Jesus is the true light (Vs. 4-13). Jesus came as our Savior…Jesus came as our Master & Leader….And ultimately, Jesus came as our King. Question: Who is the king of your life, today?

Regarding application…Underestimating. Vs. 46, “Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. “Come and see,” said Philip.” Wow…talk about a big time example of underestimating! I think by and large…we don’t realize how often we underestimate things in this life that we live. I am reminded of the movie “The Empire Strikes Back”…and in this section…Luke goes to the Degobah system to seek out Yoda. When he arrives, his X-Wing plane crashes into the swamps. At some point in Luke’s training with Yoda, Luke receives visions of his friends going through trials and decides he needs to leave. But the X-Wing plane is still stuck deep in the swamp. Luke tries with his feeble attempts with “force” to will it out, but his unsuccessful. Little green Yoda comes up and sticks out his little green arm and all of the sudden the X-Wing plane floats out of the swamp and back unto land. Luke looks in amazement (because he had underestimated Yoda).

I think we do that all too often with God. We look at the situations around us and immediately doubt and underesitmate the power of God, the power of prayer, the power of unity, the power of love, etc. We don’t truly believe that God could possibly convenve and make an impossible situation work out for the good. But just like Philip, we need to be people who say, “Come and see”….come and see anyway…even if you doubt Christ, if you doubt the church, if you doubt certain circumstances.  This coming Good Friday…we do the same…”Come and see” to our friends and those who are lost!