QT – Luke 7

Vs. 9, “When Jesus heard this, he was amazed at him, and turning to the crowd following him, he said, “I tell you, I have not found such great faith even in Israel.”  The incredible faith of the centurion would even make Jesus amazed (vs. 9).  Jesus would bring hope to the widow who not only lost her husband but now her son.  Jesus would also bring hope to John the Baptist who might have grown discouraged with the way Jesus’ ministry was turning out…remember John thought Jesus would come as an immediate judge. We are also reminded of the extravagant love of the prostitute.

Regarding application…Forgiveness.  Vs. 47, “…But he who has been forgiven little loves little.” This is a litmus test that cannot lie…want to know another way to see if you are a person of love: Ask yourself if you still hold grudges towards loved ones & others? Are you counting others sins against them? It is easy to love those who are easy to love…but that doesn’t make you a Christian. Sadly…I do believe it is very possible for God’s children to have the grace of salvation and yet love very little in their tenure on earth. A loving person is one who loves anyway. No matter what they have done, no matter how you have been wronged, no matter if they still are not good to you….we must be people who forgive others. Lacking forgiveness is like a virus that slowly kills you inside. It’s an epidemic with only one cure!!! JESUS.