QT – Luke 1

The purpose for Luke’s Gospel was to present to the Gentiles the compassionate Jesus Christ who comes to seek & save the Lost!  Luke presents a wonderful emphasis on the individual’s response to the Lord.  Luke is the physician who appeared first in the scene with Paul in Acts 16. Luke was influenced greatly by the Apostle Paul and was a dear friend & companion.  We also see Luke present the human side of Jesus (His humanity).  Another interesting tidbit of info. is that Luke is the only NT author who is a Gentile.

Vs. 3, “Therefore, since I myself have carefully investigated everything from the beginning, it seemed good also to me to write an orderly account for you…”  Luke truly desired to give us as accurate of a portrayal of Jesus as best he could. While many of you know the accounts of the Gospels very well by now…let us allow the Spirit of the Lord to help us make certain we know so our lives may reflect the Gospel of our Lord Jesus! Luke opens his Gospel with an account of three visitations. The angel Gabriel visits Zacharias…what a startling message to hear that after his whole life hoping & praying for a son that God’s messenger would bring such news at Zacharias’ old age. We shouldn’t completely fault his unbelief…this is pretty amazing news to say the least. Gabriel goes onto send another message to the virgin Mary. Mary is blessed among women, but not above women. It was God’s grace, not what Mary did that found her to be chosen to carry the Son of God! But it is noteworthy to mention that Mary showed faith while Zacharias (a Godly man of many years lacked it)…this reminds us of having a child-like faith. We also see Mary visit Elizabeth and wonderful things happen at that visit.

Regarding application…Submitting. Vs. 38, “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May it be to me as you have said…” What an incredible honor it was to have been chosen to be the mother of the Messiah!  Question: How could such a young girl submit to such startling news? Answer: Faith. We obviously see the great faith of Mary when she can’t help but sing to the Lord…Mary’s song is known as “The Magnificat” (From the latin word Magnify). Mary’s song was also a picture of submission as she realized that truly all things are possible with God (Vs. 37).  Though she was favored, that also meant much suffering and grief…but this world is only temporary compared to the immensity of Eternity in Heaven!

I was very encouraged to see so many youth at TKC (Thanksgiving Korean Church…yes, we changed our name) make a committment to baptism and submit to the Lord today!  I’m so excited to see many of you baptized over Easter weekend!