QT – Job 22

Vs. 1, “Then Eliphaz the Temanite replied…”  Eliphaz rounds out the three friends as they all seem to agree that Job must have done something horribly wrong.  Eliphaz’s accusations border on the ridiculous as he accuses Job of being a sinner (vs. 1-11), hiding his sins (vs. 12-20), and finally he should repent of his sins (vs. 21-30).  While we all have sin in our lives…Job was not guilty such heartless tactics that Eliphaz shared. 

Regarding application…Enemies Lies.  Vs. 5, “Is not your wickedness great?  Are not your sins endless?”  Satan himself could not have lied to Job any better.  When tough times come, the enemy wants nothing more than to see his lies affect us negatively.  When I nearly flunked out of high school and than my first semester of college, the enemy was ever present finding ways for me to be discouraged.  My own friends from high school were not exactly the scholarly type, so they would find plenty of ways to scorn education.  I worried that I was a failure in life and there was no point in me even trying to better myself.  But the truth of His words rang true in my heart.  “Adam, your life does not belong to you.”  If I would completely surrender my life to Him, He would surely find a way for me to be successful and better my life so I could share His love. 

It was a great day @ CTC church as our Youth Group had our first Sunday service in our new building!  Let’s remember that we are chosen Ambassadors of Christ called to share His light to the people who walk in darkness.