QT – Job 18

Vs. 5, “The lamp of the wicked is snuffed out; the flame of his fire stops burning.” Bildad is responding to Job’s comments from the previous chapter concerning death. Now, I know it’s been awhile since we’ve been in Job…but keep your hearts & mind open because there is still lots to learn. Bildad feels a bit slighted by Job’s apparent lack of respect towards his views. It’s safe to say that Job and his three friends are both a bit frustrated with each other. I can just picture the scene of them glaring at each other as they converse.

Regarding application…Picture of Death. Vs. 21, “Surely such is the dwelling of an evil man; such is the place of one who knows not God.” (Brrrrrrr)…Bildad’s gives us a chilling picture of what life is like without God! The recent retreat has given all who attended very warm hearts, but I think this is a timely reminder of the “reality” – (Be R.E.A.L) of the world we live in. It’s time to put on our “God Goggles” as we cannot forget this suffering world around us. One of my current students reminded us (James) in his QT reflection about remembering our freinds who are still lost. Jesus came to seek and save the lost from a dying world. The picture of death is something we should take seriously if we are to be a true light in this world.