QT – Job 15

Vs. 9, “What do you know that we do not know? What insights do you have that we do not have?” Something important to note: Job’s three friends were older than him and so they felt a certain sense of entitlement. Eliphaz felt that Job was not only disrespecting them…he was disrespecting God. He couldn’t understand why Job just didn’t admit to whatever he did to bring such wrath from God. And in the latter half of the chapter, Eliphaz shares the fate of those who are evil. His interpreatation of what happens to those who are evil was a bit flawed. Often in life those who are evil seem to have all the breaks.

Regarding application…Accusations. Vs. 4, “Your sin prompts your mouth; you adopt the tongue of the crafty.” While we can credit Eliphaz for taking his time to speak to Job initally (seven days)…when he opens his mouth his words bring no comfort. As I type this application, I find amusement because after Bible study, the youth group is playing the game “Mafia”. Part of the premise of the game is to figure out who the bad guys are in the game. Unfortunately, innocent victims can be falsley accused in the game. Anyone who has played this game can attest to not appreciating being accused when you’re not the bad guy. So we can only imagine how much frustration Job must have been feeling. Let us be very careful to not accuse people of things before we know the whole truth. Especially if we are there to comfort them in the first place.